International Syllabus Information
Latin American
Ballroom / Standard / Modern
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Some steps have 3Dimension Versions, Cool!!!
Due to the many different associations and centres of learning it has been decided at to Generalise the syllabus list and break the steps up into what you should be learning to be keeping in pace with the world. Please note that just because a dance or step is in a level it does not mean that the step or dance is compulsory for that level. For example some samba steps are included in bronze yet samba is a SILVER dance. The reasoning for including them in bronze is that when you get to silver you will be well on your way to learning the others and you will be ahead instead of starting silver with no knowledge of samba. The best thing of learning this way is if you go to a dance and you are a bronze dancer you will be able to get up and at least do some samba.
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Latin American
 Bronze  Silver  Gold
  Cha-Cha-Cha   Cha-Cha-Cha   Cha-Cha-Cha
Basic Sideways Movement
Basic Fwd & Bwd Movement
Underarm Turns to L
Underarm Turns to R
Check PP (New York)
Check CPP (New York)
Spot Turns to L & R
Hand to Hand
Hockey-Stick from Fan
Close Hip Twist
Basic Fwd & Bwd Runs
3 ChaChas Prog/ side by side
Natural Top
Natural opening Out
Time Steps
Open Basic
Basic in Place
Alemana from Op Pos with L to R H/Hold
Shoulder to Shoulder
Shoulder to Shoulder from Hockey Stick
Fan to Open CPP
Hockey Stick to Open CPP
Close Hip Twist to Open CPP
Open Hip Twist
Open Hip Twist finished in Open CPP
Alemana from Op Pos with R to R H/Hold
Alemana-Checked to Open CPP
Reverse Top
Opening out from Reverse Top
Foot Changes
Hip Twist Chasse
Close Hip Twist Spiral
Open Hip Twist Spiral
Cross Basic
Cuban Breaks
Turkish Towel
Guapacha Timing
Split Cuban Breaks
Rope Spinning
Ronde Chasse
Follow My Leader
Advanced Hip Twists
 Jive  Jive  Jive
Fallaway Basic or 3D Version
Change of Place R-L
Change of Place L-R
Promenade Walks Slow
Promenade Walks Quick
American Spin
Fallaway Throwaway
Change of Hands behind Back
Basic in Place
Stop and Go
Spanish Arms
Rolling off the Arm
Ball Change
Overturned Fallaway Throwaway
Whip Throwaway
Double Cross Whip
Throwaway Whip
Overturned Change of Place L-R
Simple Spin
Change of Place R-L with double spin
Chicken Walks
T H swivels
Curly Whip
Reverse Whip
Flick into Break
 Rumba  Rumba  Rumba
Basic Movement
Progressive Walks Fwd & Bwd
U/A Turns to L & R
Check CPP & PP (New York)
Hand to Hand
Spot Turns to L & R
Hockey Stick
Close Hip Twist
Natural Top
Natural opening Out
Side Step
Amalgamation of Fwd & Bwd Walks
Alemana OP POS with L to R H/Hold
Cuban Rocks (Side)
Shoulder to Shoulder
Shoulder to Shoulder from Hockey
Hockey Stick to CPP
Fan to CPP
Open Hip Twist
Open Hip to CPP
Close Hip Twist to CPP
Alemana Checked to CPP
Aida Fallaway
Shadow Walks
Curl to CPP
Spiral to CPP
Spiral to Fan
Reverse Top
Opening out from Reverse Top
Alternative Basic Movement
Opening Out L & R
Sliding Doors
Rope Spinning
Alemana from Open (R-R hold)
Advanced Opening Out
Continuous Hip Twist
Cont. Circular Hip Twist
Three Alemanas
Syncopated Cuban Rocks
Kiki Walks
Advanced Hip Twists
Three Threes
 Samba  Samba  Samba
Reverse basic or 3Dimension Version
Whisks to L & R
PP Samba Walks
Botafogos to PP & CPP
Volta Spot turn Lady L & R
Reverse Turn
Voltas To L & R
Natural Basic
Alternative Basic
Progressive Basic
Outside Basic
Travelling Botafogos
Corta Jaca
Side Basic
Side Samba Walk
Cont Volta spot Turn L
Cont Volta spot Turn R
Solo Spot Volta
Shadow Botafogos
Closed Rocks On RF & LF
Criss Cross Volta
Argentine Crosses
Stationery Walks
Travelling Voltas to L
Travelling Voltas to R
Rolling off the Arm
Circular Voltas to L
Circular Voltas to R
Closed Volta
Circular Volta in R Shadow Pos
Changing Feet 1
Changing Feet 2
Changing Feet 3
Contra Botafogos
Travelling/Samba Locks in OP CPP & PP
Cruzado Locks In Shadow Pos
Open Rocks to R & L
Backward Rocks RF & LF
Promenade to Counter from Runs
Natural Roll
  Paso Doble   Paso Doble   Paso Doble
Sur Place
Chasses to R & L with/out elevation
Huit - Cape
The Attack
Basic Movement
Promenade Link
Fallaway ending to Separation
Promenade Close
Separation with Ladies Caping Walks
Promenade to Counter Prom/Promenades
Grand Circle-Adv end to Promenades
Open Telemark
Twist Turn
La Passe
Ecart-Fallaway Whisk
Travelling Spins from PP
Travelling Spins from CPP
Spanish Line
Flamenco Taps
Alternate PP Entry
Fallaway Reverse
Syncopated Separation
Syncopated Sur Place
Syncopated Chasse
Coup de Piques
Left Foot Variation
Fregolina incorporating Farol
Chasse Cape
One Beat Hesitation
Ballroom / Standard / Modern
 Bronze  Silver  Gold
Waltz Waltz Waltz
Closed Changes
Natural Turn
Reverse Turn

Whisk & Chasse or 3D VERSION
Spin Turn
Closed Impetus
Hesitation Change
Outside Change
Reverse Corte
Back Whisk
Basic Weave
Double Reverse Spin
Reverse Pivot
Backward Lock
Progressive Chasse to R
Weave from PP
Closed Telemark
Open Telemark & Wing
Open Impetus & Wing
Outside Spin
Turning Lock
Open Telemark & Cross Hesitation
Open Impetus & Cross Hesitation
Left Whisk
Contra Check
Turning Lock to R
Fallaway Rev & Slip Pivot
Closed Wing
Hover Corte
 Quickstep  Quickstep  Quickstep
Quarter Turn to L & R
Progressive Chasse
Forward Lock
Chasse Reverse Turn
Natural Spin Turn
Natural Turn
Natural Turn with Hesitation
Natural Pivot Turn
Closed Impetus
Back Lock
Reverse Pivot
Progressive Chasse to R
Tipple Chasse to R
Running Finish
Natural Turn & Back Lock
Double Reverse Spin
Quick Open Reverse
4 Quick Run
Running Right Turn
Closed Telemark
Cross Swivel
Six Quick Run
Rumba Cross
Tipsy to R & L
Hover Corte
 Tango  Tango  Tango
Walks + Progressive Link
Closed Promenade
Rock Turn
Basic Reverse Turn
Open Reverse Turn , Lady O/S
Open Rev Turn, Lady in Line
Progressive S/Step
Back Corte
Open Finish
Prog S/Step Rev Turn
Open Promenade
LF & RF Rocks
Natural Twist Turn
Natural Promenade Turn
Promenade Link
Four Step
Outside Swivels
Brush Tap
Four Step Change
Back Open Promenade
Fallaway Promenade
Contra Check
Five Step
Basic Reverse Turn
Fallaway Four Step
Fallaway Rev & Slip Pivot
 Slow Foxtrot  Slow Foxtrot  Slow Foxtrot
Three Step
Natural Turn
Reverse Turn & Feather Finish
Closed Impetus & Feather Finish
Natural Weave
Change of Direction
Basic Weave
Closed Telemark
Open Telemark & Feather Ending
Open Impetus
Weave from Promenade pos
Reverse Wave
Open Telemark, Natural Turn
Outside Swivel & Feather Ending
Hover Feather
Hover Telemark
Natural Telemark
Hover Cross
Top Spin
Curved Feather to Back Feather
Fallaway Reverse & Slip Pivot
Natural Twist Turn
Natural Zig Zag from Promenade
Natural Hover Telemark
Bounce Fallaway & Weave End
 Vienesse Waltz  Vienesse Waltz  Vienesse Waltz
Natural Turn
Reverse Turn
RF Change Steps
LF Change Steps
Natural Fleckerls
Reverse Fleckerls
(Check from Rev to
Natural Fleckerl)